Client-satisfaction is the fulcrum of aSaw’s value-system which has ensured client retention and consistent contract renewals. Having established a sustainable revenue stream in the products segment, now our ambition pines for a grander benchmark and a greater market share in standalone services segment. 

To that end, we’re launching HIREacyTM as a Service-product for firms to meet their Staff augmentation requirements for Contractual Resourcing modalities.

Product Development & Digital Transformation

To keep pace with the changing digital and social media landscape, we assist businesses to develop their digital footprints in building robust scalable applications with analytical visualisations and algorithms along with advanced analytics to build response and optimization models

Business Consulting

Assisting our clients on their journey to become data-driven in a variety of ways from detailed transformation programs to designing and building capabilities that support discrete technical issues. We offer consulting in the areas of Data Monetisation, Advanced Analytics, Automation, Digital Transformation, Data Governance & Management 

Data Mangement

Business Intelligence and Data Management

Empowered with experience in delivering Data Management and Reporting Solutions to several leading companies across the globe, we provide services like Data Ingestion, Data Validation, Data transformation and Data warehousing using tools like Tableau/Power BI to organisations that strive to leverage Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics for better decision-making

Customer Analytics

Utilising technology to bring together the availability of social media, open-source information and new business models to understand the pulse of customers better and predict their behaviours. By combining in-store and online behaviors along with social listening and surveys, we provide organisations with a 360-degree customer view helping to predict purchase patterns, customer behaviors, lifestyle preferences, and offer hyper-personalized propositions for acquisition, growth, and retention 

Sales Lead Generation

SOLDiTTM lead generation platform helps clients to unleash the power of every social media channel including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. to generate quality leads
Marketing analytics

Marketing Analytics

To help businesses improve their campaign performances through customer profiling and segmentation. Our technology helps businesses integrate Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning models with customer data sets to enhance their decision making. Our solutions help the clients in decreasing the cost and increasing the response of marketing



With the ever-increasing open-source & Social media data along with government data EDD of individual/organization is performed through our proprietary products SoldiT, SPyDER and NEWSpY

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

To bridge the gap between existing and optimal performance, we perform operational analytics benchmarking to help businesses in process improvement, headcount reduction resulting in cost saves and improved efficiency 

Risk Analytics

To manage risks in their day-to-day activities effectively, we help organisations identify and mitigate risks in real-time thereby also reducing the negative impact on their financials. Our expertise is in the area of developing Risk and Regulatory frameworks, Risk Scorecard Development/Validation, Risk Reporting, Collection Analytics and IFSR9 / BASEL 

Staff Augmentation and Contractual Resroucing

Data driven AI recruitment process assist businesses in staff augmentation and providing niche contractual resources supporting in-house teams to quickly scale capabilities for Analytics, IT and Business Transformation functions.

Aiding organisations in bringing together a team of experienced individuals and consultants to help clients build their in-house and offshore analytical and technology teams or at aSaw as an outsourcing service