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An innovative and data driven solutions company helping businesses in problem solving, data monetization and product development.

About aSaw

aSaw is a female founded and owned SaaS and service-based company which started its journey in 2015. The company has its offices in Bangalore, India, the UK and a partner office in Hong Kong. aSaw is a bootstrapped company which is profitable for the last 4 years. It started as a product company which later on expanded its offerings to services too.


Our products provide nuanced, nifty, and nimble solutions like Document Parsing for KYCs/KYBs, Text Analytics and Topic Modelling for conducting Equity and Credit Research, and Automated Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) to meet the requirements of Financial Institutions and Gaming firms.


CoLanderTM is a Document Parser which amplifies the productivity of its users by extracting custom info from a document dump! It deploys cutting-edge analytics techniques like NER Extraction, Periodic Match Amplification, and Text Centralisation to create vivid dashboards which facilitates lucid comprehension. Our clients use it for HR Analytics, Enhanced Due Diligence, KYC/KYBs, Contract Analysis, Accounting Compliance, and much more!


SPyDERTM is our premium product which performs due diligence, KYC and periodic sanctions screening to help our clients cope with the ever-changing compliance landscape. It extracts data from Social Media handles and open-source public platforms to build a 360° profile of individuals/companies and associates in a time efficient manner, thereby reducing the Operational Costs of our clients by 30%.


With the information in public domain ascending to mammoth proportions, NEWSpYTM provides an efficient means to keep track of metrics that matter! Its our proprietary real-time NEWS-Analytics platform which aggregates news through extraction from 2000+ sources based on customisable keywords. It’s state of the art Text Analytics framework generates polarity scores using Topic Modelling to provide the nature and sentiment associated with the tracked news.


Are last-minute ‘Nays’ deflating your bottom-line? What if, you were statistically nudged to the right ‘Maybe’s’ so that you close your clients with ease? Lo and behold! SOLDiTTM. A Sales-magnet designed to generate high-quality leads through personalised and need-sorted segmentation of your target audience. SOLDiTTM serves as a one-stop solution for digital marketing, CRM, and Sales proliferation.

Our Clients

We serve our clients with Business Solutions Delivery, Product Development, and SaaS and Staff augmentation services. Our clients are based in the US, UKA, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Mauritius, and India.

Operational & Pricing Modal

Subscription Based Modal

Annual/bi-annual subscription-based pricing is offered to our clients for our products, viz., SPyDER, SOLDiT, NEWSpY, HIREachy and CoLander.

FTE based Model

Full-time equivalent based competitive pricing model is adopted for our standard staffing services like outsourcing practice and contractual resourcing.

Project Based Pricing

Project-based Pricing or an Hourly Tariff is charged on the Advisory, Analytics, Automation, Business Solutions, Digital Marketing, Innovation, Problem Solving, and Product Development services.