Response and Campaign Management

Client Proposition

A Healthcare enterprise approached us to demarcate their target segment and design campaigns around it to market their products.

Service Delivered

Our advisory provided them with comprehensive customer profiling and segmentation to improve their campaign’s performance metrics. Our tech-team built a Machine Learning scorecard indexed to customers zip code and their propensity to buy products. Our auxiliary advisory went further to overlay ML scorecard on the customer segmentation to streamline our client’s strategies for better pricing which helped them to reduce cost and accentuated customer response to their promotional offerings.

Other Case Studies

Developing Digital Footprints

Our US client wanted us to develop digital footprints for their Hong Kong Market.

Social Media Analytics

A US -based Fortune 500 company solicited us to gauge the market perception of their products, customer service and pricing.

Customer Analytics

One of the leading companies from Hong Kong’s F&B industry solicited our services for generating insights from their customer’s data