Individual EDD

Problem Statement

Wealth management companies, investment banks and casinos wanted us to perform enhanced due diligence on individuals. They approached us to conduct due diligence of their national and foreign customers to identify whether the patron is involved in financial crime or not.

Solution Advisory

Our proprietary SPyDERTM platform deploys a framework which performs the due-diligence check on individuals and their associates. The individuals are flagged as per their propensity to commit financial crimes and our clients receive a comprehensive advisory. The reports enable lucid comprehension with a turnaround time of 150 minutes for each individual and a doc size of 10 pages.


This mitigated our client’s risk exposure while pruning their operation budgets by reducing costs by more than 30%.

Other Case Studies

Company EDD

Due diligence of companies/vendors performed for one of the largest casinos in the US.

Data Monetisation

One of our client in UK approached us to provide insights from open-source and customer data to monetise it with partner companies.

Center of Excellence

One of Fortune 100 companies and a Fortune 1000 company in US wanted to setup center of excellence in Data Science & Technology in India.